NEW! Art Fashion Flip Flops for your feet

Get ready for the summer fashion for your feet with these rubber slippers aka Flip flops, to wear around the house, beach or just about anywhere! Cafepress has been adding lots of new product lines and one of them that i am really excited about are Flip Flops! Known at Thongs here in Australia or …


New Shop products : Unisex Pyjama Sets

One of the new products released by Cafepress recently are the Women, Mens and Kids Pyjamas (also spelt as Pajamas for those in USA). Each pyjama set includes a soft flannel pyjama pants along with a high quality cotton t-shirt top.

How to find Balance in life..

Creating Balance symbolic art works Well i still haven’t mastered the way of balancing everything i want to do – but last and this week i have managed to get a spurt of inspirations to create some new designs, and amongst them I had a day and night creating YinYang symbolic art creatives – Yin …


Love Stamps : Spread it around

For those of you living in the United States of America, did you know can get my design on actual legal Postage Stamps? Well you can! I like making ‘Love’ stamps so that the message of love, alongside my art, can be travelling all around the world without me stepping a foot outside my front …