Balance Meditation Wooden Keepsake Box

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust Breathe.. Geometric patterns with themes, Moroccan, Middle eastern, Bohemian, Turkish and , somewhat gypsy with mix of bohemian and exotic eastern style wooden keepsake box.

  • inspire_bohemian_blue_black_yinyang_keepsake_box
  • inspire_bohemian_blue_black_yinyang_keepsake_box-inside

Centred with a blue and black Yin Yang, Tao life symbol of balance symbol on the cover and inside of this rectangle wooden, hinged lid, box. Design variation also on the inside of the lid with Customizable text, Just Breathe – or replace with your own reminder, affirmation or you could personalize it with a name or event.  *Once you get to the product page at Zazzle, you can click on the blue  CUSTOMIZE IT button to get into the full design editor tools.


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It's easy and fun to design your own personalized wooden box. Just click on the image and it will take you to where you can have a go. You can tile photos, images you have designed.

Custom Keepsake Box you design online

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