Fractal Fantasy Purple Macbook Air Sleeve

Fractal Fantasy Purple Macbook Air Sleeve by Electronika

Macbook Air sleeve with purple fractal circles and wispy smoke ribbon. A digital fractal art fusion design with a choice of  trims and lining colours to suit your preference.

A skinny sleeve with super protection – meet the Rickshaw iPad and laptop sleeve! Designed with rugged Cordura® nylon and an ultra-plush padded liner, this sleeve delivers great protection

Rickshaw brand Macbook Air Sleeve

  • Water resistant, extra durable construction
  • Protective foam padding; Ultra-plush lining.
  • Simple, elegant slip-cover design.
  • Handmade with a sustainability focus in San Francisco, CA.
    • Sizes for iPad/iPad 2 (w/smart cover),
    • MacBook Air 11” (13.2″W x 9.6″H x .5″ D)
    • MacBook Air 13” (14″W x 10.6″H x .5″ D).
  • $49.95  » 11″ size
  • $52.05  »  13″ size

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