Round Plate Wedding Menu Card Designs (CW)


I was designing some new round invitations earlier this week, when I thought to create new wedding menu card templates.

Menu cards. Round (circle) shape menu cards, that would look great on the wedding table on the round plates. I used an already made wedding menu card layout from another wedding menu card template of mine.  You can design your own wedding menu card, add your menu, replace with your wedding information. These are 5.25 inches in size circle shape flat cards from the ‘invitation and cards' department, so you will also receive white envelopes in the order. If you are looking that something different (which is my specialty) – I hope you find some unique wedding menu card ideas  or inspiration from your visit here!

Some ideas for using Circle / Round Wedding Menu Cards

Whilst I was designing these round menu cards, I was being aware of creating a wedding menu card template that can take (text wise) the average menu, with also space for other text, like the bride and groom’s name, monogram or even their favorite quote.

The curved text can get tricky for some people, so I included both front and bottom curved text on each side of this menu card template. Replace with your word, (try and keep it to about the same amount of characters) You can delete, or if you leave that particular text area blank, nothing will show up.

Another thought idea that came upon me was that if you wanted to, you could personalize each one of the these round menu cards with your guest’s names, instead of having the bride and grooms name.

By adding guest names, and putting these round menu cards on each plate, it also becomes a seating / placement card but with the menu on the other side of it. Cool?

Check out below for more of my menu card and table number card designs that you can customize.

Each is unique and has its own energy. Have a browse and see if any calls out to you! Some of the Table Cards have a menu template on the other side of it too! Have a look also on the other tab below to see the most popular Wedding Menu designs at Zazzle at the moment. These are designed by various creatives around the world.


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