Webgrrl’s Art Tote Bags at Redbubble

Redbubble now are producing Tote Bags and Cushions alongside the original products eg. tshirts, prints, etc.

Art Deco Gold Geo Star Art Tote Bag

from Redbubble's website :

Enter the Redbubble Tote  bag. An especially durable, poly poplin fabric, double sided, full bleed printed, incredibly beautiful carrying device. With a comfortable black cotton shoulder strap and available in three sizes there’s no limit to the exciting things you can carry about.

some of my top favourites  art tote bags at redbubble, i have made so far


  • Selected design printed on both sides
  • Three square sizes available: 13″, 16″, 18″
  • 1″ wide super strong cotton shoulder strap (14″ length)
  • Soft yet hard-wearing 100% spun Polyester Poplin fabric
  • Capable of carrying a potentially infinite amount of exciting things
  • Price at my store starts from $18.99 USD



The above image of the Dragonfly Magic design art totebags product image at Redbubble's website gives you a rough visual idea of how the bag sizes compare

*click to see*
designs of mine at Redbubble

Come and have a browse at the rest of my creative art tote bag designs i have made so far at Redbubble.

Library bags, Yoga bags, School project bags, Grocery bags ( no more plastic!), Beach bags, Knitting bags, baby bags ~ i think you get the idea! These bags being so affordable, you could get a few of them, each having its own purpose. These without a doublt makes a great gift for any age and occasion. Another tote bag ideas would be as Gift bags for Bridesmaid, Bridal Shower, etc. Instead of wrapping up the presents, why not put them all in a awesomely designed fabric totes and give to the lucky person. No more throwing wrapping paper in the bin!

see all tote bags



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